After taking sometime to see the updates from the government and health officials regarding COVID-19, it does seem likely the recommended social distancing will still be in place bu April 18th. Because of this, we think it is wise to postpone out upcoming event to the summer. We will be watching closely at the situation to know when is the best date to reschedule this and will keep you posted.

At this point there is no rush, what is most important is that we look after ourselves and each other during this time, especially in relation to mental health. Once things have calmed down we will get straight back into the planning of our event and we will keep you updated!

A few things i've been doing for my well-being during this time which may be of help to you:

  • Going out for daily exercise, even if that's a 15min walk. Leave your phone at home (unless you want to listen to music then put it on do not disturb) and really take in your surroundings
  • Yoga - Yoga With Adriene on Youtube is recommended
  • Meditation
  • Reading
  • Catching up on all that boring admin you've needed to get done for ages, you'll feel so much better once its done
  • Having at least one phone call with a friend or family member once a day
  • Stay away from scrolling through the news
  • Make a quiz for your peers, I had a lot of fun doing this!
  • Make some Spotify playlists and just listen to music in general
  • Don't be too hard on yourself for having lie ins
  • Treat yourself to a takeaway
  • Get showered and dressed everyday

I hope that helps, if you feel you are in a crisis reach out to Samaritans or Shout who can assist you further.